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New Construction

Have you wondered if you should use a real estate agent when purchasing a new construction home? There is no cost (the builder pays our commission) but it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.


Don't get stuck with an agent using "Old School" technology to market your home! See the difference we can make.


Your Realtor for Life! Sounds corny but it's true. Whether you are ready to buy 2 weeks or 2 years from now, we're here to give you sound advice and be here for you when you are ready.

Your Realtor for Life!

We have a unique approach with all our clients - give sound advice even if it means recommending now is not the right time to buy or sell. We are your trusted source for real estate information today, tomorrow, forever.

Darbarbasha Nadigadda

Both Shane and Nadine are great, they have patiently showed several properties with pleasant explanation on things that are good/bad. They were helpful in bringing me up to speed on several unknown things as I am first home buyer and have 0% knowledge in buying property. Even late nights  Shane/Nadine responded to my text msgs and showed me some properties the next day on my request. I

Michael Noppen

When my wife and I moved to the Miami area two years ago we were looking to rent first before we buy. We had a very tight schedule because we needed a place to stay within two weeks. Shane went above and beyond what I had expected, had 8 properties lined up within a day and gave recommendations on  what to do to get a lease agreement with our preferred rental. We ended up getting the

David Wilson

To date, Shane has been the most knowledgeable and diligent real estate agent I have worked with. I have worked with several including someone in another state who is a dear friend. I have always felt I was given the best advice for my situation, wants and needs. Not once have I felt the need to  call my 'friend in the business' to see if something sounds right. As someone who has seen it